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Unhappy Client- Advice Please

Hi Guys

I delivered an audit of a google ads campaign for a client. Client is unhappy with the audit and wants more info/insights etc which i cannot provide as his campaign is only a few days old. I explained my gig to him before placing the order and have done what he has asked.

is it better for me to ask him to cancel the order. or accept the order. I dont want bad feedback. the order value is only 10usd.


It’s a tricky one. In the past, I’d say don’t cancel. However, I have since come to appreciate the fact that getting a blisteringly bad review for the sake of $10 or $20 just isn’t worth it.

In the end, it’[s up to you, though, and there isn’t really ever a right or wrong answer when it comes to what you decide to do.

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thanks for the reply. I am assuming if i request a cancellation then they cannot leave a review?

If they cancel, they can’t leave a review. However, your order completion rate ill go don and this can affect things like your placement in the Fiverr search and the number of new orders you get.

ok, so right now it says ‘in revision’ and i need to re deliver. should i wait it out for the buyer to accept the delivery? (i am assuming he can even though he requested a revision?)

Lord give me strength.

If this order is in revision, you need to redeliver something or cancel.

I think since you say it’s only $10 and you don’t want a bad review send him a cancellation request using the Resolution Center and hope he accepts it.

he declined the cancellation and accepted the order. he now wants me to send him an offer for a second order then he will give me positive feedback. should i just ignore him?

if i block him now will he still be able to leave me feedback for this original order?

his comment - “pls send me a revised offer … post your delivery I am more than happy to give you a consolidated feedback. thx !”

I would ask him why he wants to place another order when he wasn’t happy with the first one?