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Unhappy Clients

What will I do if I have delivered my gigs and they still won’t update or pay me? They tell me that I didn’t do a great job but I did. :frowning:

Sometimes that happens with me as well, I deliver a gig and the person never contacts me back or reviews me, what I usually do is contact fiverr and then wait it out, after a few days fiverr automatically counts it as fully completed.

Hi, how can I contact fiverr? Thanks!

Saw it. Thanks for the comment Kaismith :slight_smile:

After 3 days, the gigs are automatically marked complete. You then get the funds 14 days after that. I’ve had many buyers choose not to leave feedback but have never bothered Fiverr CS about it.

It is worth finding out why the buyer is unhappy though, especially as a new seller. Good customer service is really important.

actually you will find out soon that some people are like that… but then comes a great customer and makes your day (as you do his/hers) :wink:

As a personal rule, No matter what, always follow up with every customer. You can do this in your delivery message. Make sure they are happy. Sometimes people just expected more from your gig. Give them more. It might be your gig isnt specific enough. If they aren’t happy keep helping them, jeep making changes, often people will give you the benefit of the doubt. Offer a mutual cancellation if nothing else works. Negative feedback is never an option if youre handling your customers correctly & doing your best.

simply go to Customer Support

Always deliver your work with a thank you message asking your buyer to post a positive comment if they are happy with the job, if not, ask them to contact you with their queries before putting a Thumb Down assuring them that anything can be discussed and adjusted (that is, if at all possible). You want to avoid the negative comment. Of course, there will always be the un-grateful “pita” (I won’t tell you what that means), then you can ultimately offer a refund, it is far better to let go $5 than to have a Thumb Down. Apart from that, I don’t bother with buyers that have not left any comment as it may be that they recognize that you have done your job properly, but are disappointed with the results, so you don’t want to annoy them with a request for a positive comment, that might result in just the opposite <):slight_smile:

I am not happy with the gigs that I paid for. The seller was top rated but it was all run-on-sentences and terrible grammar. I feel bad if the seller gets negative feedback but I have decided to cancel the order. Am I bad person for this?

@pphguy Did you give the seller a chance to fix it? He/she will likely revise if you explain what’s wrong.