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Unhappy new seller


the new sellers do not receive any orders so they will give up fiverr, ultimately people will think fiverr site does not support any new sellers so they would not join fiverr or leave soon. This problem should immediately address by the gig management team or any authorities of the fiverr.

thank you.


I’m sorry, but Fiverr is just like any other business - orders are slow to come in the first month. I remember that in my first months I barely had any orders until I made a name for myself.

What did you think, that once you posted a gig the dollars and buyers would flow in automatically? It’s not how it works in real life with business, so why would it work here?

It’s not Fiverr’s job to support new sellers. Fiverr does enough as it is by providing you with a safe platform and transaction method to conduct business and communicate with prospective clients. They’re already doing more than enough for you and your business, now it’s your job to find yourself clients and help your gigs take off!

Be patient, peruse the Buyer Requests page, advertise your gigs, and make a name for yourself - after all that, buyers will come to you!

mcromano said: I'm sorry, but Fiverr is just like any other business - orders are slow to come in the first month. I remember that in my first months I barely had any orders until I made a name for myself.
Actually new sellers usually do get a boost early on. Gigs get listed in the "new" category. Top Rated Sellers and new sellers get extra attention. It's everyone in the middle who's lost at sea. :)

Stop spamming, be patient and understand that sales go up & down for ALL sellers here. Promote your gigs off of Fiverr - drive your own traffic.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Huh, I forgot all about that! Thank you for the correction, I’ll know better next time!

Still, it’s the seller’s job to promote their gig, not Fiverr’s. I think it’s normal for Fiverr to promote ALL new gigs because it has a sense of equality and gives a boost to gigs that wouldn’t be found otherwise without a rating or explicit search. However, promoting ALL mid-tier gigs would be excessive, and if they want to promote just a few of those there would be cries of preferential treatment and probably a forum riot or two. Fiverr just can’t win xD


Okay, I’m a new seller myself. I’ve only been doing this for about two months, so keep that in mind. It’s really slow at the start. In fact, in my second month (January) I went ten straight days without an order. And that’s across the three separate gigs I was offering (I now offer four; the new one has been up a few days and has had zero orders)

But I’ve been doing really well after a slow start. Still totally modest, only at about 35 orders, but hey, that’s way better than I thought I’d do during the rough beginning.

Also keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to sell. Just like any business, it’s not just what you’re selling but also how you sell it. You need to sell a quality product/service, and also make a compelling pitch. My advice to you is to scout your competition, see what they do well, and learn from them. In time, you’ll start to see people choosing your gig over theirs. And then the sky’s the limit.


Reply to @mcromano:

mcromano said: Still, it's the seller's job to promote their gig, not Fiverr's.
Yes, indeed.

But the cries of preferential treatment are what keep the forum interesting! ;)

thatguy1981 said: I went ten straight days without an order
There are TRSs that will go that long without an order.

You're absolutely correct about no guarantees for sales - inexperienced folks just don't understand that. Setting-up and operating a business (any business) is not a quick and easy road to financial success. It's called "work" for a reason. :)

In the US at least 50% of start-ups fail within 4 years - and the majority of those business start off investing money. The beauty of Fiverr and similar 'agencies', is that there is less of a chance of that failure costing money. It's a pretty low risk way to try out freelancing, but that doesn't mean it stands any greater of a chance at succeeding.