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Unhappy with edit and proofread


I asked someone for editing - it is completely unusable - it has now gone through about 10 edits - it has taken so much time and effort I could have done it on my own much sooner - they have removed multiple paragraphs that are important ( it is a health booklet for kindle and so it has to be medically accurate ), added sentences of their own , created pages I didn’t want

  1. How do I post a bad review to warn others

  2. can I get a refund


I think if you get a refund, you can’t leave a review. It’s one or the other.


How do I leave a review

It has taken me so long to review her edits - she has taken out whole sections , rearranged the sections , added her own sentences , given it a title I didn’t want - it is going on so long I feel she is just trying to mess with me

I did one other booklet here and it went great but he raised his price

Every edit this new person does just creates a new problem

All I wanted was them to edit it for major misspelling and grammar errors and format it for kindle in one consistent font - not take out whole sections , add their own thoughts , change the order of the book etc

It is so aggravating I feel like they are doing this on purpose



I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. You can leave a review once you accept the delivery. You have 10 days’ time (after the seller delivers the order) to post a review. As @cheyennewriter mentioned, you cannot get a refund once you submit a review.

I am sure you can find many wonderful proofreaders/editors on Fiverr who’re willing to work within your budget.



Did you vet the candidate properly before hiring?


I am not sure what you mean - they had great reviews , which I now suspect were self generated

They do completely changed my work it’s unusable, and very edit brings new problems

Other than reviews how does one vet

I don’t feel I should be charged - I don’t feel proofreading and basic editing involves creating a title ( I already had one - it’s part of a series I am doing on kindle I call the FIX IT series ) , deleting whole sections integral to the work etc

I am now 3 weeks behind of my schedule

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My budget is truly nothing now - lol

It may be weeks before I can pay someone else

I am really unhappy with this and not sure I want to risk more of the same on fiver

Is it too much to ask seriously - don’t add your own thoughts , don’t rearrange the chapters , don’t delete entire sections … just correct any major misspellings or grammatical errors - and if you do and I ask you to revise , don’t revise AND make new major changes … lol , it should look like my original work when you’re done

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Right. You can, however report this seller to Fiverr support.


When I go to the contact page , it redirects me to a page of FAQ


I’m sorry to hear that. :confused:

Sounds pretty straightforward to me, to be honest. Once again, I am sorry that you had such an experience. I am glad that you at least had a positive experience with the other seller.

Irrespective of whether you decide to stick with Fiverr or go elsewhere, I wish you good luck for the future. :snowflake:


What I mean is that did you interview the candidate before buying? Because its not advisable to base your purchase on their reviews alone


What do you mean by “interview”?


To interrogation (someone) thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job

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Thank you

I have published dozens of articles in professional journals etc and wanted to do this 12 book FIX IT series , and a friend recommended fiverr so I could start writing the next one while someone else edits - that just hasn’t worked - rate changes , days of getting one set of problems fixed while the create new ones

I am so Fing frustrated I will start the editing process tomorrow - I really don’t have time , but it’s now the only option for getting done


@aelfwulf1 @hanshuber16
I always interrogate candidates to see if they can do the job or not before I hire them…Cannot rely on their reviews alone

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I literally have 11 revisions from them
I seriously can’t believe it
I started to upload the latest one to kindle when I noticed they had deleted several paragraphs from one chapter

I really cannot believe it


“Interrogate” might be a little extreme, don’t you think? But I get ya. :slight_smile: However, I don’t think it is possible to “interview” a seller (on a one on one basis… audio/video), considering it is not allowed to contact a seller outside of Fiverr. All you can do is go through their Fiverr profile and communicate with the seller via Fiverr’s inbox to find out if they’re the right match for your project. Maybe that’s what you meant when you said “interview” :slight_smile:


Exactly…That’s how I always do it


I can see someone not wanting to do unlimited revisions - but when I say please don’t delete paragraphs or chapters , don’t rearrange the sections , don’t add your own thoughts , don’t create your own title … then … don’t

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So if I accept it as delivered , I can then post a review ?