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Unhappy with Fiverr?

Who here has had a negative experience on Fiverr? What happened?

Reply to @brianbayless: I hate it when that happens, some buyers treat us like employees, and we’re not employees, we’re vendors.

Reply to @brianbayless: Go to your order page and click EDIT FEEDBACK, under your rating.

I’d like to ask you a question in return. Generally speaking I can’t say I’m unhappy with Fiverr. If I was that unhappy I wouldn’t be here. Still, I’ve had good and bad experiences like most people.

Since people are volunteering their answers to you, I’d like to know what you want them for? Do you plan to re-publish answers on a blog or elsewhere? If not, what difference do the answers make since the question is broad? I wonder about this since if you plan to re-print what people say (especially out of context) it would be good for them to be aware of that.

For 3 years I’ve had nothing but good experiences from Fiverr. For the past few months nothing but bad, though. If things continue this way, I’m outta here!

Fiverr is a trusted platform for buyer and sellers for services… I have 100% positive experience with fiverr

I have had a great experience here. Sorry I couldn’t help!

Have to agree with previous comments. Fiverr really works for me and I think it’s a great platform… all my customers come to me, so I don’t have to worry about advertising or go through the hassles of owning my own website.

Sure there are glitches and problems for all of us from time to time, but no wonder, considering the size of the site and the millions of people who use it. As kjblynx says, take a look through the Ranting Pot to find out about problems - it can provide good entertainment value too if you’ve got nothing better to do!

Actually sometimes I get a little ticked off when I see people trashing Fiverr. Look at all the constant improvements and updates that have been made. And I have never yet failed to receive a reply from Customer Support when I need it…so there!

thanks for the feedback!

We were working with a graphic designer to help us create a logo that had to go through several committees for approval. She typically did not respond to emails about modifications unless we bought extra gigs. Then, we we were one revision away from finalizing the logo, she has now decided she cannot help us. When I tried to clarify why, and if that meant just for a few days, a week, or forever, telling her that her response would be reflected in her ratings, she accused us of threatening her and cut off all communications.

This has been the exception, not the rule. I have otherwise had great experiences with folks on Fiverr…it was just that this one left a sour taste in my mouth because we just needed one final tweak so we could roll out our logo, and now we have to start all over with a different designer. That is very frustrating!

BTW…how does one alter a rating for a vendor that we previously rated very well? I cannot seem to find the option to do so.

Love It :slight_smile:

I cant say I am unhappy, cause i got my first orders to do. But what i cant understand is why 5 usd gigs? My last work took longer than what it is worth (100 usd). I got paid 25 usd. Other pages, like envato -studio and their artists take between 100 - 500 usd and more! Envato takes 30% fee. Sometimes i am wondering if a 5 usd gig sounds not so profesionale or what do you Think?