Unhappy with the way fiverr's policy for sellers


The seller asked for Premium Package after paying for Basic Pack,
Once I notified him about it asking to cancel fore reasons like stock image and got designed logo and packaging from somewhere else within next 20 minutes of asking revision.
I twice did whatever he asked for.
This guy was not polite, threatened me directly to cancel or that he will give me negative ranking.

I opened a ticket to fiver support stating

Kindly tell me what to do in situations like this?
Buyer giving excuse to cancel order because of stock image or Logo or time frame limitation which were not ordered or scope of order.
Too many cancellations result in my ratings and profile degradation, which obviously is not the thing I want.
I provide unlimited revisions so buyers can ask for changes until they are satisfied.
The reasons buyer asked to mutually cancel, they are not justifiable and sellers can’t be providing same results in all 3 packages. I used to cancel such orders but I don’t want more negative points for my profile.
Buyer is even threatening me to cancel or he will leave negative feedback.
Kindly help me in this matter.

I got no reply from them and instead the judgement was in favor of buyer.

Was I wrong at anyplace here?


Please can you remove the buyer’s details from your screenshot? Thank you in advance!


Removed username.Thanks.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry! Karma will surely hit them back.


You should have cancelled immediately when he ordered incorrectly.

Fiverr doesn’t force Sellers to be “ripped off” by Buyers who play that game. Your ranking will only suffer when you allow the problems with the order to escalate to the level you did. fyi-A Buyer initiating the cancellation is the kiss-of-death.


Last week I also had the same experience. After being here for almost 10 months now, first time I contact the customer support for an order.

In my order, buyer had agreed to place a separate order for second part of the project and it was written clearly in the order requirements of first order but after delivery, buyer rejected the order and demanded the second part in the same order without paying any extra.

After having a long conversation with the buyer trying to make him understand that this wasn’t the deal. Failing, I sent a ticket to customer support with all the proofs and what I got in response was “Try communicating with the buyer more and lay out the deal for your buyer. We cannot make buyer accept the order.”

It felt like a robotic response as I did communicate a lot with him but I guess what they wanted to say was" It’s your business, handle it yourself. We’re here to collect our 20% and solve problems with the platform.(they’re very helpful with those stuff) "

I got my 1st 3 star review which was a lot more than I expected.
Lessons learnt -

  1. Handle your business yourself, don’t depend on fiverr for anything other than providing a platform to use your skills.
  2. If you are dissappointed with the buyer, do not contact customer support, you’ll be more dissappointed.

Good Luck!


Multiple cancellations also affect the rating of profile.
I used to do cancel directly myself.
But in last 60 days I had 4 such cancellations which I requested because of buyers issue and didn’t wanted more cancellations to affect my rating.


yes i’m also agree that fiverr always prefer buyers. According to business point of view buyers are more important for fiverr…Sellers can’t do anything because either they have to refund or gets negative feedback.
Hope fiverr will improve seller’s policy…:slight_smile:


Fiverr only and just only supports buyers remember that !


Today I got reply from the support team.

Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

I am sorry to hear of this, however, please keep in mind that we cannot force buyers into accepting the work they are not satisfied with, so you will need to either persuade them into accept or to negotiate cancellation or partial cancellation if they do not wish to continue.

I checked this order for you and it seem cancelled.

Please keep in mind that we are here for both buyers and sellers, and we want every order on Fiverr to be successful. If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money. We take your revenues very seriously, and require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. The order was reviewed and cancelled, and cannot be restored.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I had few questions.So I replied following.

So according to what you said, buyer has the right to order for basic package and ask for Premium designs or he/she can cancel anytime because they are not satisfied.
One can order for basic jpeg logo and ask for cancellation and get logo without paying for it.Some buyers misuse this kind of policies.I myself can download JPEG files overriding the watermark feature.A simple page inspection can show you link to original files.
The order which was cancelled in current situation, I was not provided with the reason for cancellation.

I added one point from Fiverr’s terms of Service.
Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.


Received message from support.

Hi again Badal,
I would like to inform you that we added $12 to your Revenue Balance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,


I’m sorry I don’t understand: so the order was cancelled and you got the $12 you worked for?


Order was cancelled.
The platform favors buyers preference. I stated if everything was as per terms of service buyer shouldn’t be able to cancel or threaten us. There is a reason Package system was introduced. It should not be considered as a loophole by buyers to ask for more.
They just added $12 to my main balance.
I don’t think that this revenue was from buyer’s balance or he is aware of this.


Fiverr was very clear, and made an excellent point… “If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money.” Based upon that quote alone, I can assure you, Fiverr does not favor buyers. Because it they was their policy, they wouldn’t make any money (i.e., the 20% that they get to keep from anything you get paid).

Let’s not assume that because unpleasant things happen to you, and Fiverr rules in favor of a buyer, that that means Fiverr favors buyers. They don’t. Fiverr does not favor buyers anymore than they favor sellers. Fiverr views themselves as impartial – disagreements are between you and your buyer. But, if Fiverr is forced to step in, they will side with whomever is more right according to their unbiased site policies.

I guarantee you that Fiverr wants you to make money… so that they can make money as well.


Congrats @badal123 your hardwrk worth that… cheers


Talking about this - "If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money."
It’s not entirely true, once the money has been fed into the Fiverr, Buyer cannot withdraw it to their bank account (from what I know) so they must spend it on Fiverr. So, its safe to say it becomes Fiverr money the moment buyer decides to pay for a service. When they say “You” it does not mean “only you” they talk about sellers in general.

If a buyer has decided to pay for a service Fiverr will make money, if not from you then from someone else offering the same service. They will ultimately get their 20%, sooner or later.

Please correct me if my assumption was wrong.