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Unhappy with work, refuses to accept Cancellation

I’m very unhappy with someone’s work, and they keep insisting that they can do better.

To be honest, I could do better if I used ‘Paint’ to create what I wanted myself.

After going around a loop with them - pointing out what’s wrong (sending blown-up images etc highlighting things - all very time consuming), they keep coming back with the same stuff! I’m going mad. How does one escalate something past the ‘artist’ to get it resolved? Failing that - if I have to somehow accept this poor work, how can I rate the person as being poor so that others don’t go through the same thing.


You’re not forced to accept anything. There are few things to consider:
1- If you’re not happy with the delivery, and after you have requested revisions with no apparent success on quality/performance then you can ask the seller to cancel the order.
2- The seller can accept (you get the whole amount back), or refuse the cancellation, in the second case you can contact Customer Support to explain and prove that the service delivered is not what you were agreeing. They will control the situation and answer within 24-48h.
3- If you accept the delivery and give a negative review, you don’t get your $$ back.
4- After canceling the order, you are given the possibility to leave a private review about the seller. There you can, of course, write and explain why you have canceled.


Very helpful - thank you so much for taking the time.

I am feeling your frustration, and I posted regarding this same issue just recently. I so want to use Fiverr for my work that unfortunately I dont have time to do, but sometimes I think it takes me more time explaining over and over with no result.