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Unhinged buyer & customer support nowhere!

I have a totally unhinged buyer who doesn’t make sense and then went into rage. I am sure that anything I’ll deliver he’ll give me 1*.

I tried to cancel it 2x but he refused. Then I contacted customer support to end the project.

It’s been almost 5 days since I reached out, and the project is 2-3 days late.

This will majorly impact my rankings (I was on #2 in my category). Why is it taking so long? It states 24-28 hours!

Secondly there really needs to be a better way for sellers to cancel the order. This is a compete buyers’ market and we’re at their mercy. Just because one seller is completely out of it will cost me thousands of dollars and support is nowhere to be found to help.


  1. Probably not true
  2. Even if, it shouldn’t be an excuse

The pandemic has been going on for 10+ months. Their CS most likely works from home anyway. How is that going to impact an online business?


Its true, I am stucked with a project and I contacted fiverr support one and half month ago and no reply so far. I got 3 pending tickets from past two months. Fiverr support not exist anymore

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1.5m? That’s crazy… I hope they get back to me sooner but wow…

What reason does the buyer give for refusing the cancellation?

At the end of the day, the buyer can’t force you to do anything. If you don’t wish to complete the project, they can’t physically make you. It’s easier for both them and you if they accept your cancellation request and move on.

Send a cancellation request again, explaining something to that effect. Repeat this as many times as you have to until they eventually accept the cancellation. You might have to do it a few times, but I’m sure they’ll get fed up of declining your request quickly enough.

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Well, I don’t need them anymore I made my peace with buyer, You also convince your buyer to cancel order. Also if you provide him what exactly he want he probably give you 5 star. Happened with me all time. Don’t let fear drive your decisions

You’re describing a normal person, that’s what a normal person would do. This person is totally unhinged, went into rage, calling me names, insulting me etc.

He is simply being spiteful and will not accept it, I can keep sending it, but I guess it will just make him enjoy the situation more

Sorry but wtf, this is not fear but reality.

It’s an indirect impact. There has been an enormous influx of new sellers since spring. It’s not that CS can’t do their job from home, it’s that their workload has increased.


than you tell him directly that you can’t his work, there’s nothing he can do except cancelling order.

Well it seems like he can just decline to cancel and keep the project opened as late

keep cancelling, You just need Patient.

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Yes I guess that is a better solution than just waiting for the support.

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I hear what you’re saying, but I think you need to at least give it a go. Because;

My understanding is that once a project goes beyond 24 hours late, a buyer can force a cancellation pretty easily from their end, which also gives you a 1-star for failing to deliver on time. So then you’d have no money, a cancellation and a 1-star. That’s a pretty lousy outcome.

If you can somehow persuade the buyer to accept the cancellation, you at least avoid the 1-star.

I get your frustration, but like others have said, rightly or wrongly Customer Support are slow at the moment. The more situations you’re able to deal with, without involving them, the better.

He can. But where’s the benefit to him of doing this? Long-term? He’ll get bored. Just keep cancelling. Don’t get drawn into an argument with him… Request Cancellation. If he declines, do it again. Repeat until the order’s closed.


Is the time still counting for the order?

Believe me mate! there is no support. I got a milestone project and there is no cancel option in that for me and also buyer is offline from 2 week. I contacted fiverr one month before and project still not cancelled by support.

Is there a time limit? E.g. he has 3 days to accept/reject cancellation or it will get cancelled?

Because if not, he can just ignore it right?

if he didn’t accept or decline in 3 days than it will automatically cancelled

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If you request a cancellation, and the buyer ignores it, after 2 days the order will auto-cancel.