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Unhinged buyer & customer support nowhere!

Got it makes sense, yes in that case it does make sense to keep requesting to cancel


Hi saasmarketing,

As a Level 2 seller, do you not have a customer experience manager in Fiverr who liaises with you 1-1 on the phone/video? If you do, try asking them… I have found mine really great.

I had a similar situation and have just written a long response on a similar topic on this forum tonight.

I presume that you had not reached the stage of having something you can deliver as the final delivery–just to stop the delivery running later and later?

In any case, it seems all you can do is continue requesting cancellation but do also give customer support time to reply. I’d request cancellation (or deliver the final file) and just let the clock run, if the buyer is abusive. Focus on other projects and put this to the side.

As far as customer support… Even if people do work from home, this issue with Covid-19 certainly is having an impact on customer support across all kinds of online businesses. Who knows what is going on in the homes and families of the support staff? They probably have kids at home and all kinds of chaos they do not usually deal with…

I was speaking to a CS manager at the bank today, and he said they get a lot of grief from people who kept saying there was no reason they couldn’t all work from home and deliver a normal service. He said many were off sick, some people had partners who were sick, some were struggling with partners who were depressed due to loss of work, some had kids around their ankles who wouldn’t normally be there… some had elderly relatives affected by the disease. We cannot possibly know what is happening and Fiverr support staff are globally spread.


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Most L2s don’t have customer experience manager. Levels page says they’re “eligible”, but …

Nope - they’re all in Israel - which has serious problems atm - or they may have a few in NY, but I think someone mentioned they’ve been phased out.

Globally spreading out working from home CS agents might solve a whole lot of issues …


You may find this article informative:
Fiverr CS is evolving, just backwards

No I don’t have a customer experience manager and I didn’t deliver anything to him, not feeling like doing it because:

  1. I will not lift a finger for someone who is disrespectful
  2. He will without a doubt give me bad feedback no matter what I deliver, so I rather have it cancelled by the CS

True. Your best bet is to keep intiating cancellations, and when your buyer finally agrees, please block/report him. He’s clearly being abusive. That isn’t cool. Good luck, hope CS gets in touch with you soon!

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