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Unimpressed by recommendations

I keep getting your email suggestions for top Fiverr gigs…but they are all for the same guy offering an explainer video for 5 bucks… but that is per 2 seconds… are you KIDDING me?

I am interested in an explainer video and the work may be worth money,but I don’t come to Fiverr to find a gig that will cost me $150 a minute…

all this guy’s work (fragglesrock) costs that much…

How do I get you to STOP recommending him to me… I’m interested in seeing new gigs… but not like this.


I know that guy. I feel you! But explainer videos are not as easy to make.

I am finishing up a course for this and will probably start soon with a gig.

If you are around, drop me a message for couple of days and i`ll work my first sample for you , for a funny price. A very funny price.