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My wife used fiverr and it was horrible. 48 hours to get a response on her logo and almost three weeks to get it right. At every step the seller tried to claim it was correct & complete the sale. They finally gave her close to what she wanted. We chalked it up to a language and timezone issue. Nevermind the seller went on vacation in the middle of the project.

So I decide to use the service for a resume and ensured I went with a top seller who spoke English. Pay for 24 hour service, extra this, that, and the next. $65 total. Emailed the seller the info they required…nothing. Emailed asking if everything is okay…nothing. It’s as if the money went into some blackhole… Not only are they a “Super Seller” but they are also being advertised…

Unimpressed. I “hear” all the raves but I’ve never met anyone whose had positive experiences. What I do run into is plenty of people who say “you get what you pay for”… I wasted my time and worse got my hopes up for nothing.

I will agree with bachas85

Not all sellers are professionals at what they offer here on divert and when you ain’t satisfied with a delivered work, you can request for a modification or you simply cancel the order on mutual agreement. But always try to work things out with a seller and if unresponsive, contact customer care.


I am also a Top Rated resume writer. I would be happy to work on your project for you. You can find me by looking under resumes and cover letters, high rating. I am always the first or second gig shown. I can assure you that I will deliver on time and work with you. I hate to hear that you had a bad experience. I hope that you asked for a cancellation for your order… please feel free to send me a message in my inbox.