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Unique and Beautiful Gigs but NO ORDERS

Hi guys! I am new to fiverr but not to the field. Already I am running a local graphic designing firm with few of my colleagues. MY question is I created beautiful gigs but I am rarely getting orders. What can be the reason?


It takes time to get started.
It was 6 months before I got my first order, then it slowly gained traction over time.

I’ve heard stories of folks making lots of money their first day on Fiverr, but It’s the exception.
For most of us, it takes time. A lot of it.
Responding to buyer requests is your best bet at the moment to get gigs.

Hi, make sure to hit proper category in your gig plus tags matter a lot. Use keywords of tags in your title/description. Uniqueness of the gig doesn’t matter if you are not getting views/impressions. Plenty of views is equal to plenty of ranking and sales.