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Unique article personnel


I just join fiverr and I am an expert in article writing and research work and assignment.


I buy tons of articles here, so a few quick questions:

  1. What makes you an expert in article writing and research?
  2. What are your credentials? IOW, what’s your background?


Welcome to fiverr :grinning:


I surf the internet to generate relevant information concerning a particular topic, consult related books and journals together then write with my own unique words.
I am very vast when it come to sorting of information and I don’t need tool like copyscape to verify if my work is duplicated.because I don’t do copy & paste,I enjoy writing and love writing my best.


Thank you kaziasifbillah


Welcome brother. Just keep believing yourself. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks shoaibashraf12


You look like a friend of my son’s from New Zealand. His name is Simon. But your profile says you are from the US, so I guess you are not him. :grinning:


That still doesn’t seem to answer @gina_riley2 's questions. I’d very much like the answers to her questions as well. Perhaps you can directly answer what she asked you:

What makes you an EXPERT? What are your CREDENTIALS. Surfing the internet, and reading books does not make you an expert… and those are not credentials. :wink:


This is your profile description. Everything you write on your profile needs to be absolutely flawless. Make sure you pay attention to details.


Even your first sentence here needs improvement