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Whats going on guys. My names Dustin and i would like to capture your life on paper. I have been drawing since i was six. I love to capture life and the world on paper. I specialize in portraits mainly but i can do anything from logos to comic characters. I love what i do and the looks on peoples faces when they receive my wrk. Hope i caught your eye. Be my pleasure to bring whatever you like to life.


The usual bro. If you want anyone to buy your work, you will have to set up a gig or two, I fear. Take a look at this to figure out how:

And while you´re at it, it will be good to take a look at all the other links you can find on that page on the left side menu.

Welcome to the forum.


How do i put my photos and videos up?


Is all in the links on that page. Just click them, they don´t bite.


Lol. Ok will do. Thanks alot. What kind of wrk do you do?


Good attitude. :wink:
Translation. Tip: if you click the name of people on forum posts, including your own, you’ll see a link to their fiverr profile, where you can check out what they do.


Gotcha. Still learning this. Ive been wrkn off facrbook so this new.


It´s all good, we all were new sometime. There´s really more information than you will need for the first days…weeks…years… :wink: just kidding, mainly :wink: already written down on fiverr’s own pages and here on the forum, especially in the ‘Tips for Sellers’ category.
When you´re through all that and have set up a gig and all, and still have questions, you can either use the search function on the forum, or ask. Much luck, success and fun. :slight_smile:


Howdy. Was still needing someone if you could.


Hi. What about? We’re probably in a different timezone though, so someone else might reply sooner, if you just ask away. :slight_smile:


Hey you. I figured it out. About broke my phone over it lol but i got it wrkn. I just cant go back in and add pictures to 2 of my packages. Thats about it. Thank you for responding back.