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About Myself
First thing’s first, I pride myself on communication - replies will be fast, clear and well-written. Being able to see eye to eye with a customer as a person as well as a client is of paramount importance to me. Whilst maintaining professionalism is, of course, essential, I believe that there should be a friend-like nature to any designer/customer relationship. Any level of hostility, however small, can lead to significant misunderstandings and miscommunications, which in turn reduces the chance that you’ll get the end product you were looking for. When I joined Fiverr, I made sure my main priority was understanding the customer’s needs, and with 40 (so far) 5 star reviews, it’s evident that not just the logo, but the service as a whole, has been up to scratch.
My sole aim is to supply you with the perfect logo, and the key to this is being able to understand exactly what a customer’s looking for. Sometimes, this isn’t possible on the first attempt, but I will go out of my way and work coherently with you until it’s the logo you set out to get.

About the Gig
It’s often hard to find text to suit the graphic in your logo, and sometimes you just want to avoid a graphic altogether, but think a plain font is far too boring. Perhaps you’re unsure of which logo gig to order because you’re worried about the designer’s communication skills, or the legitimacy of their portfolio images. Connected text offers a unique and often minimalist method of tackling these issues, by taking any style of font and joining it up in creative ways, giving style and differentiation to your logo. Be sure to click on the link at the top and check out the gig portfolio for yourself (scroll all the way through as I’m sure one of the logos will catch your eye)

Thank you for your time, enjoy your day and I hope to work with you soon.