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Unique gig - created each time - Photograph your message with SQUIRRELS

We live on a farm and the squirrels love our nuts. So, we can place your message down, spelled out with nuts, then wait for the squirrels to come and capture a photo and/or video of them going nuts for your message!

Check it out -

Hahah … this is awesome mate.

We can find this kind of service only at fiverr :slight_smile:

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I love this one of a kind idea. It was perfect! My girlfriend is going to love it! Would buy from again!

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Congrats on making Level 2. The squirrels will be “working” overtime. :wink:

I LOVE it!! Especially the video, it’s great. Seller was fantastic to work with. Thanks A++

Another great job by MudPuddleFarms. Ordered a second squirrel gig cause the first was so well received, everyone loved it! Thanks again for an awesome job!

What a great UNIQUE idea for a Gig! :smiley:

What makes it so High Quality, is that they actually stand there and photograph/videotape actual squirrels - in real time! :open_mouth:

Well done!


Thanks everyone! We have recently added our special Father’s Day squirrel message - a unique idea just for Dad!

They did a great job! This is one of the cutest gigs we’ve seen on Fiverr.

When the squirrel ran up and took a nut from the message…priceless!!! =D>

Awesome gig!

Reply to @regency85: haha Thanks!