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Unique Gig directed to Sellers


I made a Gig Sales Tracker tool to organize all your sales/messages/etc. It seems like it is very unique item on Fiverr but the problem is trying to let sellers know it is there. The sellers who need it the most are busy making sales and not looking for something to buy.

Any suggestions on how to promote the new gig?


forgot to include the link to the Gig, here it is:


Thanks Kjblynx!

I haven’t used Twitter, how does the hashtagging work?


Looking for some feedback on promoting this Gig. Thanks!


Reply to @kjblynx: How often do you tweet it? I assume it falls down the list of searches as time goes by.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you kjblynx! I just opened a twitter account so that I can at least tweet my fiverr page so it can show up in people’s searchs.


Still haven’t sold one yet, any advise?


Patiently waiting :slight_smile: