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Unique Graphic Designs (1K+ likes & comments Instagram)


Hello! I’m a Graphic Designer, who retouches photographs, manipulates photos, and removes or adds backgrounds to your pictures. I have experience being self-taught, providing unique twists to photographs, & creating an end result experience you would find not only professional but, creative, as well. My photographs for fandom wise, for tv-series etc, have hit over 1K likes and hundreds of comments each on my Instagram account, My designs have been noticed by Stranger Things actors Noah Schnapp & Chester Rushing.

If you would like to give my style of art a look, my fandom designs can be found at

I hope that you choose my Gig for your designing or photo editing needs.

Currently, I work a dead-end customer service job with an opportunity to go into a Real-Estate career, however, I need your help checking out my Gigs to help me afford the chance to take these class & improve my life.

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This is a screenshot of my fanart on my Instagram profile so you can better see the photo-manipulations I have done and style.

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Designing is my passion, photo-manipulation is my dream. Re-touching a photo, replacing the background and adding further stock to enhance a chosen theme, or giving a fantasy flare to the photo, may change a smiling picture into a wonderland of possibilities. I can work to your brief; whether you want me to alter your photograph so you are fighting drag or appear as a princess, or just do basic retouching and filtering, I got you covered.

Photoshop Skills:
Resizing, Cropping, Background Removal & Replacement.
Enhancing color, adding stock images to bring a theme or life to a picture
Face-swapping available to an extent.

Reasons to Hire Me:

Self-Taught designer with 5+ years photo-manipulation experience
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Great attention to design detail & communication
Unique finished products
Delivery Fast for simple basic package & plus packages
Fantastic Customer Service Experience
Professional results you’ll want to use for Amazon, Instagram, etc.
All My Fandom Designs reach 1k Plus likes & hundreds of comments on Instagram!