Unique, professional intro


There are so many similar intros offered on fiverr with similar dubstep music and design. So I thought I’d offer a gig with a different style of intro.



What makes you think you’re going to sell this?


I think it’s unique and different from all of the other logo gigs out there.


Unique and different doesn’t always mean better.


A bit harsh though.

I think it would be better to give this seller constructive criticism rather than bashing him.
I see you also make logo intros (nice ones). However kindly give him a piece of advice.


That’s actually an advice. Do better than the others, not unique and different.


Actually, being unique and different will make you stand out and target a demographic no one currently is. I am not saying the OP has a great gig, but he was not wrong to try and be unique and different.

Quality always matters. I am in the same category and I am unique and different.

What can he do to make his gigs better, I guess that’s where your advice can start from (If you are willing to advise him)

You don’t know the hardwork people put into things.


I know. That’s why I also stated in the title that it is a professional logo intro. Dubstep intros with flashing colours are rarely used by professional companies/businesses. Minimalistic logo intros are often preferred.


Weird theory. Unique and different can also be better.

Attacking someone in the same niche this way is pretty pathetic.


I’m not really taking it personally. I reckon it’s because he is also a seller and he is also selling intros. He’s probably just trying to make mine worse to promote his (I think).


Umm… no. I’ve actually promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit too. I’m also starting more external gig marketing tomorrow through additional sources.

What’s you point? I’m not trying to steal your customers. You are the person that voluntarily clicked on this thread and started attacking my gig for no clear reason.

I’m still waiting for you to give me one piece of feedback. You haven’t said a single thing wrong with my gig. All you’ve done is attack it without any evidence which is making you look insecure, if anything.


Yes. You do understand that this is the exact reason why different companies try to offer better deals than their competitors. They feel threatened by other companies and so they do as much as they can to make the other companies look bad so people come to them. It’s how business works and you’re clearly doing this - whether you realise it or not.

You’re welcome to your own opinion but you can’t be so arrogant as to think that your opinion is objective and reflects the innate opinion of everyone else. You may not like the gig but that doesn’t mean that others won’t have a different opinion.

Since you are the only critic on this particular thread, I’m waiting for you to give me one reason why my gig is bad and you seem to be taking your time. I’ll let you waste your weekend thinking of a reason why my gig is bad and get back to a stress free life (which you evidently need).


The category ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ was added to the forum and OP made use of it like it was intended.
It doesn’t matter if it makes any sense in terms of sales or not.
Everybody is entitled to fail or succeed on his/her own terms. Seemingly there are people out there who have problems with that.