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Unique provider seeking "public speaking" collaborations

Aloha! I help public speakers find opportunities. I’m the only service provider on Fiverr offering to build a list of speaking gigs for speakers and / or contact event coordinators.

I’ve done this for speakers’ bureaus in the past and developed a process that enables me to serve 50 speakers with leads on 50 gigs each in 1 hour, so capacity is no issue. In fact, the more large orders I get, the easier it is for me - because it takes almost as much time to serve 50 speakers with 50 leads as it does to serve 1 with 10.

Tell me how you serve speakers - even if you’re not a Lead maybe we can develop a referral network :slight_smile:


Great idea! Wrong section, though.

This is if you are registered for the Fiverr Studio program.


Oh! How do I register? I thought this was also for members looking to join someone who was selected - I didn’t realize I could self-elect like that. Where would I find out more?


Check this out:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: