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"United States" "Blonde Girl" but worst English ever - fake!

Hi - I’m new to Fiverr. First thing I noticed right off the bat is that there are so many gigs by fake accounts that say they’re in United States and have a blonde haired, blue eyed account picture, and you can tell by reading their account profile that they are NOT American, have HORRIBLE English, and are obviously just using it as a ploy to have people click their accounts. I found this at first when I was looking for a Virtual Assistant on Fiverr to help me list my Trading Cards & other Collectibles on eBay. I started reading descriptions and were blown away at the horrible English - I specifically want an American or Filipino (because they speak awesome English) to help me write descriptions etc.

I guess my point is - what do we do with people who abuse the photos, and location to gain an audience they have no business entertaining?



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you can say that again

This IS a problem on Fiverr. And somebody posts a new Forum thread about it, every month (week?). And…

…there’s not much Fiverr can do about it. :frowning:

They set the country, based upon the IP address you used when you signed up.

Somebody in a “foreign” country finds a single, working, US proxy… and Budda-BING-Budda-BOOM!.. they’re American.


Do what I do, when I decide who to BUY from:

Drop anyone who cannot SPELL English correctly!

Think about it…

Every piece of software “and it’s brother” comes with a spellchecker nowadays. If these TWITS are too lazy to spellcheck their OWN GIG’S DESCRIPTION… what do you expect to be the “Quality” of the work they end up doing for you???

Grammar is different. Harder to get right, harder to check, etc. If you’re 1st language is English, get used to reading “bastardized” English grammar on the Internet.

With English being the NUMBER ONE language used across the entire planet!.. bad grammar will be a fact on the Net for decades to come.

As long as you can understand what the Seller is saying - don’t worry about grammatical mistakes - buy from them!

Reply to @regency85: "As long as you can understand what the Seller is saying - don’t worry about grammatical mistakes - buy from them!"

He was trying to find someone to write descriptions for his Ebay listings.

Reply to @typingservice: Have you ever READ some of those Ebay listings? Worse than Fiverr Gig descriptions! :))

Seriously, if the Gig you’re looking to buy, is a WRITING Gig - then obviously, you’re going to hold the Seller to a higher English standard. Agreed. :slight_smile: