University of Fragglesrock


I just got this message a couple minutes ago:


We represent the legal interests of the University of Fragglesrock.

We need to inform you that you in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (1998, and general international laws regarding fair image use (

We demand that you cease using these images and acknowledge that you have to the address below within 48 hours as you have willfully acted without the proper authorization from the University of Fragglesrock.

Failure to comply will result in immediate legal action against you.


Any advice Fiverr friends? Is this a scam? Is my leg being pulled? Has anyone ever received anything like this before? Please let me know, as I’ve only got “48 hours” left…


[Sheriffs Note: Please refrain from posting external links and mail addresses. Thank you.]


seems to be fake. Contact support regarding this


Is that the entire letter? I think a real DMCA notice would identify the exact material infringing.


It has broken English and seems fishy. And what is University of Fragglesrock? I thought I saw another post on here about a user named Fragglesrock, or something like it. Did he/she send it to you, and why would they consider themselves a university? Something doesn’t seem right.


Thank you everyone. That’s how I feel as well. Fragglesrock I think is something that the forum automatically did to this message after I copied and pasted it.

Yes the English is really wacked and I understand what a DCMA message is about, but I agree that it shouldn’t be coming to me in this manner.

I’ve contacted customer support…no word back of course…and I’m waiting on a reply from this sender.


It’s a cease and desist letter, as oldbittygrandma has stated. These are very legitimate things so please check the images that you are using and make sure you have the copyright holder’s permission to use them.

The letter should have included a link to the original image(s) and the image(s) that you are using so you know which one(s) you need to remove. I always use photos that are labelled as under the Creative Commons License and always name the source.


If you believe the claim is bogus, I found a ‘Counter Notification Letter’ to ‘fight back legally’ :slight_smile:

Counter Notification Letter to send to the people that sent you the “Cease and Desist” notice


Which of your gigs does this pertain to? The “letter” does not specify. Usually a cease and desist letter is more specific. If it is indeed a real university, they should have a phone number, yes? Google them, give them a call, and make sure it’s legit.


I don’t think a real company would sign up to fiverr just to send you a legal document. It seems like they would go to the owner of the site (fiverr) because they’re real information is easily obtainable.

Also, fiverr replaces certain words with “fragglerock” because they don’t want people promoting external websites, business names, or specific usernames in the forum. Fiverr is like a jealous girlfriend; you can’t mention another woman’s name without them confronting you. Lol.