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Unjust bad review

Recently i recieved an order from somebody on one of my gigs, i completed his order in well under the timeframe, exactly to his specification, and he accepted the work without even using his revisions…

So i was shocked to see he left me a 1 star review across the board.
I’m fairly new to selling on fiverr so this weird 1 star review brought my overall rating down by an entire star, is there anything i can do?


The review remains, however you can deliver more work that earns higher reviews, and raises you overall rating to a higher level. Unfortunately, we can’t please all buyers (no matter how hard we may feel we have tried to do so), and buyers do have the right to leave any review they feel reflects their experience with you and their order. It would appear that your noted buyer was not pleased, and chose to leave a 1-star review as a result.

Ratings can rise with more positive reviews. It’s all a matter of mathematics and averages.

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