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Unknown Country

How is it possible to hide the Country? :thinking:



I am afraid that is not possible to do. :wink:

There are many successful sellers from your country. Be proud to be among them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just found the profile he hides the country. But I want to know is it possible?

Maybe a good question for CS? :thinking:

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Probably using a VPN.

This is strange. I think nobody can create an account leaving the country field blank.

It could be a bug. I think that some users were complaining about it on the forum.

they might be alien :smile: :wink:


I’ve seen this a lot. I thought everyone had to have their phone verified, which would require fiverr knowing the country.

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I’ve seen this plenty of times myself, and I always thought it must be a country that isn’t in Fiverr’s database of known countries :eyes:

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Maybe not. Because it show any one country that you want.