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Unknown error when attempting to upload



I’ve searched the forums regarding this issue, and have seen many people are experiencing the frustration. I’ve tried to upload a rush gig, yet I keep getting “unknown error” messages.

My file is only 4.24 mb so I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m very, very frustrated as the deadline is looming, and I know there are going to be revisions.

Are there any upload alternatives? If so, please advise.

Thanks much!






Good (not that this is happening), but at least I know it’s not just me going through this frustration.

Has anyone contacted customer support?


Exactly the same! Tried multiple computers, multiple connections, different file types. Please fix.


Reply to @op71kz: I was just about to try another computer, but I see that may not work either. I hope Fiverr fixes this asap!


Had the same problem. I thought it’s my internet connection which is not so great where I am right now.

I managed however to deliver the file by reducing its size to under 1MB… Lower quality it’s true, but I guess I will deliver it in higher quality after this issue is solved.


Measures done to try to get rid of the error but in vain:

  • Clear browser caches
  • Logout then login
  • Different browsers
  • Different computers

    But I successfully uploaded small size files which are 171 KB and 428 KB respectively.

    Currently larger file sizes seem to be facing the problem.


Yeah, me too. Trying to upload some zip and .mp4 file, with about 4Mb of file. But can’t get it through the uploader.

I was about to post about it when I saw this topic.

Fiverr, great new looks, but please fix the most important functions we need.


Just upload to dropbox or similar sites if fiverr doesnt work.

From experience before, they have bug again. And to be honest, I am not even trying to upload bigger files here. I just use dropbox



I successfully uploaded big size files. It seems to be fixed now.

(but with a little bit slower upload speed than usual)


Yes, it looks like they definitely fixed the problem!

However, if you ever have problems uploading, and need to get a file to a client right away, use Dropbox. It’s free, and you can upload a file, and simply send the client the link, and they’ll be able to download it, without having access to all your other files. That’s what I had to do this morning during the outage.

I realize it’s not ideal, since you want all files to go through Fiverr, and to be usable on your gig portfolios, but it’s great in a pinch!


@customvoices Thanks for your suggestion. That means Dropbox is also on the list of acceptable external sites besides YouTube and Flickr? How about Google Drive, OneDrive…? I think I need to set up such accounts to prepare for any urgent use.


Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. I finally got my gig uploaded.


Reply to @customvoices: This is good to know. I’m going to download Dropbox right now.



Still facing the same problem.


i think the problem is solved please check your self.


I am having the exact same issue this is unacceptable. Not only that but my live portfolio STILL won’t work either.


hey guys , yeah , haveing the same problem but only for certain formats


Í am having the same problem and the JPEG just doesn’t seem to upload and my clients are waiting :frowning: