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Unknown Reason Gig Ranking

Greetings everyone I am figuring out how can I rank my gig any advice would be much appreciated!

Gig :-



You can go through the link… Hope it might help you. Best of luck


I think that your gig is performing well. You also have 1 order in your queue in this gig.

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Nope, It’s a Custom Order from Previous Buyer, What I understand is in order to rank on the first page you must have 2-3 5 star reviews on that gig.

i am having the same challenge

Where are you getting your information? Those metrics will not guarantee you a spot on the first page. Honestly no one can tell you what it takes to land on the first page, unless they were apart of the team who created the algorithm. Just do your best to make your gig look professional and stand out from your competitors.

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Thank for providing your Input :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing this.

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@abida29 Thanks for this information

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Alright! :slight_smile: Thanks for your info