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Unlimited Modifications

Does anyone else offer Unlimited Modifications on their Gigs? I offer it in one of my extras but after a recent experience I’m considering removing it all together.

I had someone purchase an unlimited package and I’m now on modification 27. I want to make the customer happy but with requests like “Can you move the first word down just 1/2 an inch” then I do it and she doesn’t like it so I put it back. Then she asks for a new word to be moved. Doesn’t like it. Then she wants an entirely new image added because she’s “over” the first image we agreed on for the logo. It just feels never ending and it’s taking away my time to work on other orders. To top it off, she’s just plain rude to me in her messages which doesn’t make me want to go above and beyond in my customer service.

Maybe I’m just frustrated but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

No, and that’s why. Need a hard number.

I’ve seen some sellers offering unlimited modifications. Some don’t actually do them, they just say they’d do them to get more buyers.

I offer one revision. If the buyer still isn’t satisfied, I refund them. Saves me a lot of time, and helps me with buyers who can’t decide what they want.

I offer unlimited revisions for free, but I don’t let any buyer bully me, you have to show that you are nice but strong at the same time, because they will take your kindeness for weakeness, also some buyer does it on purpose, they keep asking for modifications so that you ask for cancellation and they take the work or multiple works and their money back, don’t let them bully you, when a buyer is rude give him his money back and let em leave, make the buyer feel that you don’t care about the money as much as you care about respect, never be afraid of cancelling orders with rude or difficult buyers, mutual cancellation will not harm your account.

And to prevent the buyer from getting the work and his money back when you cancel, always deliver watermarked work, and tell him that you will send the original work when he confirms that he likes it and ready to complete and review, like this if then he askes for cancellation you can contact customer support because you have proof that he said he likes it and ready to complete, they will help and you will not loose your efforts, and even if he gets mad because his plan to take free work did not work and leaves a negative rating just contact customer support, they will remove it, because he said he likes it and he left the negative review as a revenge, Never b afraid of anything, nobody here is your boss, this is freelancing.

Hope this helps and good luck.

I too used to offer unlimited revisions until I encountered a buyer that kept “forgetting” to tell me what they wanted me to add/change. Took 5 tries to satisfy them. Now my limit is 3 revisions per client.

Thank you to everyone who commented. I think I’ll go ahead and remove Unlimited revisions. If she doesn’t like the last modification, I’m going to cancel the order. It’s not worth the frustration or someone treating me like crap.

Again thank you guys!

27!!! I think the most I ever had was something like 15–and the vast majority was resizing a logo in MS Word (i.e. click on corner, drag). I found it more amusing than anything, since the buyer wasted far more of his time than he did mine!

I don’t think you need to cancel the order–under the TOS as far as I know, this counts as spamming the mod button, as does rudeness. But that’s very much your decision. I have lately taken to cancelling rude people on the first complaint, since I’m about done with epic “you’re absolutely useless at this, aren’t you? I bet you don’t even speak English (etc), you’re just pretending” clients. My retort is always “there’s no need to be rude. Have a refund and don’t come back”. (For $5, who cares?).

EDIT: yes, someone actually accused me of being a non-native speaker of English the other day. I lolled.