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Unlimited Revision / 2 or 3 hours delivery tags


I see many gigs with this tag - unlimited revisions / deliver in 2 3 hours etc

What do you think will it help to get more sales?


Unlimited revisions = Problems & headaches


I dont know, I always offer unlimited revisions to my clients, and I hardly ever have to make a revision.


I think unlimited revisions can attract many “trouble-maker” buyers. Besides, unlimited revisions scream a lack of confidence in what you do and that the service/product offered by you would probably be of poor quality. So, I don’t think it is a good idea to offer unlimited revisions.

Here’s another thread on the same topic:


I never looked at it that way, I guess 2019 will be a time of change for me…


It depends on the category. On translation - service you provide - there’s usually no problems and, yes, you hardly need to make revisions (I also provide translation, so I know it’s true). But that’s not the case for hot categories like design.

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True. I can see categories such as designs, writing, art, etc requiring a few revisions to fine-tune the end product… But never unlimited revisions :slight_smile:

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I see, I dont know much about desing, but I believe that theres a lot of subective things to take into acount, like the clients taste for example…


bro That’s for buyer satisfaction


Unlimited Revision. Lesser prone lots of cons.

Buyer satisfaction is a very subjective topic. You can not gurantee it by making changes again and again. Rather give your best in one go for an absolute satisfaction. :grinning:


And sellers’ misery. :wink:

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I offer 1, 2 or 3 revisions depending on the packages and may I say, up to now I have had only 2 requests in my 2 gigs (one for each one).

PS: Thanks for the writing! I keep insisting in using “like” instead of “such as” :persevere: Someday I’ll make it, I don’t lose hope!!! :wink::blush:

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Unlimited revisions is NEVER a good idea, no matter what :wink:

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Never so little amount of words had said so much…:smiley:

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