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Unlimited Revision is ruining my life!

Okay. I just delivered the 20th revision. Buyer requested to change 20 things in 20 revision. How Exciting!!!


Don’t offer unlimited revisions. You’ve already found out it’s a bad idea. Time to say ‘no more’.


When you offer unlimited revisions you have to do unlimited revisions. If you don’t want to then stop offering that.

Why do people put unlimited revisions in their gigs then complain when they have to do unlimited revisions?


I haven’t had this much revisions… But sometimes it can be a lot of work


In addition to what others have said, it’s best to clearly define what is considered a revision, and what would require purchasing additional services.

Also, offering unlimited revisions plus delivery within 2-3 hours is just an invitation for trouble, can make you look desperate, and can make good buyers look for someone who seems more realistic and more confident in their abilities.


really horrible :disappointed_relieved:

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It is also an invitation to bad buyers to take advantage of a newer, inexperienced seller. This is exactly what buyers who want to cause trouble look for.


I see a gig that says on the image delivery in two hours. How do you plan to do that? Do you realize if you don’t do that the buyer can get a full refund? Are you awake 24 hours every day so you can deliver in 2 hours?


Moral of the story: don’t offer unlimited revisions.


There will always be buyers who try to push the limits of the scope you offer, so it’s best to make your scope clear, firm and practical.


Thanks to everyone for the support and advise. Please keep me in your prayers as if I can stay strong to face this.
Thanks again.

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You are still offering unlimited revisions on your gigs as I can see, therefore prayers won’t help. If you don’t fix the things that got you into trouble you cannot expect to have a better life. :slight_smile:

At least I hope this serve as a warning for others. If you are asking for troubles with unlimited revisions, you will get them!


Unlimited revisions are important if you are a new seller, do not advice people to turn off unlimited revisions before they start selling. Every beginning is hard, I understand, unlimited revisions and small price is bad for every seller. But if is that a price for success, you must pay it. After some time, when you get active orders, you can change your offers and turn off unlimited revisions. But if u are active seller and you still offering unlimited revisions, that is big mistake.

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@stefanmdesigns I agree with you to some degree, but I highly think that it depends on the type of service offered. For example if it’s something really straight forward like for me PDF editing, it’s possible that you miss certain details and since it’s on you - you must provide the revisions until it’s 100% perfect - if you want the buyer to leave with a positive review. However, there are cases when clients keep changing their mind about what their desired result is, which is why I would suggest being really clear with what the revisions will include - if offering unlimited revisions, as they might ask you to re-do everything because they simply have a new idea and therefore their instructions. This can result in an endless journey and you never know if they will be satisfied or might ask to cancel the order in the end… Been there, done that in the past with some of the gigs I had. :slight_smile:


Yes u can offer unlimited revisions but there you can tell buyers in description, which and how buyers can use unlimited revisions. I have unlimited revisions in my gigs, but in FAQ information I create notice how buyers can use it. My buyers can use unlimited revisions on logo which I already made not for new logo design.


Too many tips here. Following carefully.


Be ready to work when you offer unlimited revisions


Of course…I’m ready. :slight_smile:

Actually, this is not the best advice. If you start wrong, you’ll end wrong. Your repeat clients will then wonder why they are not getting the same service. As mentioned by @misscrystal, sellers should be confident in their abilities otherwise they should go back to the drawing board and retrain (if possible) or seek to improve themselves before offering services.

Imagine going to a restaurant and the chicken you ordered is dry and hard and it takes the chef 10 times to get it right, what would you do? Is he really a chef? Would you come back? Aim to get it right the first time and allow revisions to be the last resort for either if the buyer wanted a small tweak or some miscommunication was present. Even if you are new, real valuable buyers will trust you and put confidence in you. Also as @misscrystal stated, sellers should have realistic turn around times.


I’ve never offered unlimited revisions. I’ve only offered one, and it worked fine for me.

The thing is, it’s not a price for success. By offering unlimited revisions, sellers attract a certain type of buyers, which isn’t necessarily the kind of buyer they’d actually want to work with. To make things worse, the lowest possible price plus unlimited revisions are likely to put a bunch of good buyers off, because they associate that kind of offer with low quality (and, quite often, copyright infringement).