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Unlimited Revisions after buyer marked the order as completed?

I do web developments and I planned to do an unlimited modification for free to earn my clients satisfaction. But my question is if I offer unlimited revisions in my gig should I provide free service after the buyer marked the order as completed? Or if not may I get Banned?


when they satisfied your work, then they accept your order. otherwise they really dont accept your order. so after complete, if they request you for modification, its fully depend on you.

Revisions are only meant for orders that are “delivered” and “awaiting response,” not for completed orders. Completed orders are completed and the buyer will now have to either rate your services or simply ignore the step and keep doing business on the platform.

You have no reason to provide more work after orders are completed unless you haven’t finished what you’ve started with the order itself. If the buyer keeps asking for modifications after the order is completed, you have to report that to customer support.

Unfortunately, unlimited revisions can be a double-edged sword. If you say you provide unlimited revisions, you have to provide unlimited revisions. This means that someone could request a revision twenty times and you’d still have to do it… Make sure that you offer unlimited revisions only on services that do not require artistic or personal taste. When personal taste comes into play, then buyers start being pesky about everything.

Make sure that doesn’t happen and you’ll be good.

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That’s in theory, but it doesn’t work for everyone. We saw a lot of cases with people declining to prove revisions after order was completed, buyer complained to CS and CS cancelled the order because they didn’t provide their gig as per description and description says “unlimited revisions”.

So my advice will be just to set a certain amount of revisions to avoid any trouble.


I think this will be better that increasing cancellations. Thanks for the advice