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Unlimited revisions. Fiverr, why?


Hey guys!

I’ve noticed it based on my own experience, and read someone else complain about it. But I truly don’t understand why Fiverr’s system doesn’t remove an option of asking for revision/modification on a buyer’s side after they ran out of free revisions.

To me, it seems illogical and disrespectful towards sellers. It doesn’t even make sense to point out a number of free revisions in an offer if a buyer can just keep asking for modifications regardless. I believe that if they could hit the limit at some point, they would be more professional at the briefing stage and provide enough information in order to avoid all possible misunderstandings.

I am not saying that all buyers are like that, I am just saying that there’s quite a number of those who get pissed off when sellers ask for payment for additional revisions. And there’re cases where buyers refuse to pay and keep sending the order into revision/modification. This way seller ends up not getting paid. In the case when a customer forgets to ask for more revisions after 3 days, it would miraculously get closed, but then there’s always a high chance to get a bad review.

That’s why I really don’t understand why complicate everything so much while it’s so easy for developers to just add that limit into ordering system. This way CS would get fewer messages of the same nature, and sellers wouldn’t stress out about things they shouldn’t stress out about.


Yeah, it’s something I wish they would add too.

The only issue I could imagine they would face, is when there’s a disagreement between the buyer and the seller about whether something is a ‘revision’ or whether something is fixing an issue.

For example, in our field of voiceovers - we charge for revisions, but will fix mistakes that we’ve made. We might accidentally deliver a recording with a word missing or the wrong word, and we would of course fix that at no additional cost to the buyer. But because we set our revisions to zero, I don’t know how Fiverr would word it at the point of delivery. Instead of a ‘Request Revision’ button, they’d have to include an option like ‘There’s a Mistake With My Order’ or something similar, otherwise buyers might feel like they’re stuck with the incorrect version no matter what. Buyers who abuse the Revision button would simply switch to abuse this button instead.

Perhaps that’s why we’re stuck with the system we’ve got? I can imagine Fiverr looked at the options and deemed this to be the least ‘messy’ option most of the time.


I hear what you are saying. In my field there’re also possibilities for a mistake. Like, if illustration contains text, and designer places it with a mistake, it should be edited for free.

But at the same time creating this separate button would make no sense since buyers could always leave a bad review, and sellers generally want a positive one. So I doubt that someone wouldn’t consider delivering fixed work if they did a mistake.

And overall, buyers have more tools to benefit from ordering regardless if they’re happy with a result or not. They can always request for a refund and cancel. CS in 90% cases won’t interfere. While sellers are stuck with their fate and praying for a buyer to end up being decent :smiley: