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Unlimited revisions for ever?

I received an order with 2 days delivery and unlimited revisions, I understand that you can’t ask for revisions after the delivery time is over? I delivered this order on the 27th of December, now is second of January and the customer is still soliciting revisions. I don’t know how he can do this and the order is marked late, which isn’t my fault. The problem is that the revisions aren’t even my fault. He asks me for extra things such as recording one additional instrument that he just now thought of (I sell beats), and it’s not my problem that he didn’t ask for it before, but now. What can I do so that he stops asking me for more stuff? Because he shouldn’t be able to do this and it’s not my job to keep doing this I understand


The simplest solution is usually the best. Explain that when you stated “unlimited” revisions, you meant a reasonable number of revisions for things in the original order that you may have overlooked or misinterpreted, not an eternal living project after it’s been turned in. If things like the additional instrument weren’t specifically called out when the order was made, I’d either ask for more money as an extra or accept that the order is probably going to end badly (e.g. mutual cancellation or low rating) and there’s not much you can do about it.

Take this for the lesson that it is, you and everyone reading this: Do not offer unlimited revisions. Decide on a reasonable number - say, 2 - and call out the fact that it only covers what was originally agreed upon. Clients collectively can and will take advantage of you whenever they can, it’s your job not to invite them to do so.

Good luck, friend. I hope it turns out well for you.


No it’s not true. With unlimited revisions they can ask for revisions even after the order was marked as a complete. Unlimited Is unlimited.

What you can do to fix a situation that you put yourself into is to tell your client that you are happy to make revisions on the product you delivered however adding new instrument is not part of your gig and your gig description and that wasn’t in the original requirements therefore it doesn’t fall into revision and will be a new part of project that will cost x amount of $.
You can also attach a screenshot at the bottom of the requirements where he signed that info he provided is accurate and all other changes might incur additional cost.

And for future just don’t offer unlimited revisions if you don’t want to deal with unlimited revisions.


Thanks for the responses! I thought unlimited was until the order was over, will this mark it as late?

No it wouldn’t as long if you delivered your first delivery within the timeframe.


Luckily my customer really liked my delivery and said we’d be working together again, so the low rating is not something that worries me

Oh perfect thanks (:

I guess you can contact Fiverr support they might still be able to sort things out, if it isn’t sorted out yet.

How do you expect them to sort this out? That’s what OP offered in his gig and fiverr CS definitely wouldn’t do anything apart from telling him that they can cancel his order or he will have to negotiate himself with buyer. It’s up to OP to sort this out. He promised something so he has to deliver it

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Oh ok, I didn’t know, I know now. It’s a tough situation and pretty frustrating.

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This from Fiverr Terms of Service:

“Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”

Tell your buyer that extras incur a fee.