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Unlimited revisions question

I am new to the site looking at sellers profiles. What does “unlimited revisions” mean for the business logo design? Thank you for your time?


My understanding:
That means the buyer can ask you to make some change any times,10 times,10000000000000000000 times,etc.but he won’t pay you again .
Is my understanding correct?

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What is a revision?

A revision is to make a change to a part of final output being offered in a gig.

For example, you ordered a business logo from someone that has a color scheme of gray and blue. You can ask to make it in yellow and blue and it will be considered as a revision.

Fiverr makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to invest minimal time and be happy and still make the most out of gigs.

Unlimited revisions are usually for bigger deliverable like a full website or a greeting card where the buyer might not be sure what she really want.

Most sellers are specific about asking questions so that revisions can be reduced and the gig requirements are specified upfront, before placing an order.

You might have read in several gigs that a seller has highlighted words like : Message me before placing an order.

This reduces time being wasted for both - buyers and sellers.

Hope this helps. If not, ask any questions you may have!

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What about the actual designs themselves, say if I don’t like any of the logos made for me?

Typically sellers should add a FAQ in the gig and answer this question over there.

In one of my gig for creating a landing page, I have answered in this way:

“We will discuss almost everything upfront and we are able to make small modifications as needed. It is better to discuss your requirements upfront through fiverr messaging system.”

Gotcha! Thank you, I appreciate your time

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