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Unlimited revisions

I read somewhere on a post in the past week that gigs can’t take longer than 30 days to finish or something like that…

So how are unlimited revisions allowed? Technically speaking I can ask you for revisions until the year 2117 and beyond.

Let’s say I order a youtube intro gig with smoke revealing my logo, I could ask you for red smoke, you deliver, no I want green smoke, you deliver, and so forth until I have every colour of the rainbow.

I seen unlimited revisions on writing gigs among others but in writing gigs seems the most. Why would anyone do that, it is so open to abuse.

I tend to order youtube intro and other video gigs (spokesperson and things like that). I see: “no free revisions unless I make a mistake” but I never seen unlimited revisions there.

I know why newbie sellers do it, competition. But it leaves to abuse.


I agree. Fiverr should take the option for unlimited revisions away if they don’t allow >30 days to do it. It also means you get buyer requests saying they want unlimited revisions too occasionally.


Yeah! That’s how unlimited revisions works. As a buyer, you can ask for unlimited revisions as long you’re satisfied or something worse happens between you and your seller.(If the gig offered it) and the seller has nothing to do without giving revisions and sometimes that leads to disaster with some buyers(like you stated to ask for all the colors in a rainbow :joy:)
There are some new buyers who really looks for unlimited revisions before ordering and they don’t care about levels of a seller. It increases the chance to get orders for newbies.

Still unlimited should have a limited time frame in order to maintain “abusing” unlimited revisions :slight_smile:


This is a misunderstanding of what a revision is. Unfortunately this is quite common here but a revision should only be a slight change to an order, a small improvement etc. It should not be a completely different order and should not be a change to something the buyer has specified - ie. buyer specified red then changes his mind after the work is done. Thats not a revision, thats a new order. Of course, if it is simple then a seller may do it but it is their prerogative.


Also when buyer takes a revision why there is no additional time to it? If byer take a revision when 5 minutes left and I can’t do it in 5 minutes, what then?

This is because if the seller initially didn’t offer what is needed, the buyer still may have planned the gig around a deadline. To me, a revision isn’t a complete change based on what the seller wants, it’s usually a small change or miscommunication that can happen.

A complete work scope change isn’t a fair revision.


Hmm, yay and nay. I offer unlimited revision with only one reason, because buyer can request revision anyway as many times as he wants, so I look at this as marketing tool with no real point. :wink:


@eoinfinnegan I know what revision is, just that I see so many newbies offering them, leaving them open to abuse.

@mintyone I know what a fair revision is. If you put on your gig unlimited revisions, that means unlimited revisions, nothing about fair revisions.

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You dream!!! I would kick you out after the 5th… :rage:


That’s why I never do that, because 1. It’s open to abuse, and 2. I am not going to rewrite something 500 times. Heck with that shimmy

Yeah, “Unlimited Revisions” term has become more of a marketing tool now. However, in a logical sense, it helps the buyer to order with confidence that the seller will assist him in doing necessary modifications. Since Fiverr TOS clearly points out that revisions should be “Fair” ones, there’s no point of arguing about fair and unfair revision requests.

And, keep in mind that there are fake sellers who come up with excuses when it comes to modifications. So, “Unlimited Revisions” actually means that the seller will do modifications without any conditions. Hope it clarifies everything.

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I feel bad for anyone that has unlimited revisions in their gig. What a nightmare

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It’s ironic that Fiverr does not allow a gig offered - exceeding 30 days - yet there is an option to add “unlimited revisions!”

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They may want smth around a deadline, but when they take a revision and it’s don’t add more time, the order can be late and so it will be impact on the raiting.

I use revisions as an added service to my customers. I already offer a great price on Fiverr so revisions are extra and unlimited revisions NEVER! Most customers are fine with this and many pay upfront when asking for the revision. I had ONE customer once that went crazy - telling me that most of my competition was offering FREE revisions and that I had better do the same if I did not want to go out of business. LOL! My business keeps growing. Why - I try to focus on customers who believe you get what you pay for - not on the people looking for the cheapest deal (who amazingly are the worst clients).


Yeah I was providing unlimited revisions continously But I will care from now on.
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