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Unlimited vacation please!

I know that many sellers have issues with the default 28 days allocated to vacation. To this day I don’t understand how Fiverr can impose a limit on us…It’s absurd. I am here to be my own boss and I have my reasons, like most if not all other sellers here. Sometimes I am simply swamped with gigs, I have other commitments (including work) in the real world or I am unwell - whatever the reason, it’s absurd that we only have 28 days ‘vacation’ and I would like to suggest (though I’m probably not the first!!) that Vacation Mode be unlimited.

At the end of the day, I believe that the friendlier Fiverr is to its sellers, the more money it’s gonna make, sooooooo… yeah.

To be honest, though, I think the Fiverr system/algorithm views gigs differently depending upon whether they were halted for vacation, or suspended by the seller outright. As a result, while I can certainly understand your suggestion, I think it might minimize the value of Vacation Mode, as it allows short suspensions due to travel and such – permitting the seller to pick up where they left off when their availability returns.

Suspension removes a gig from the search system, essentially placing it into storage. If a voluntarily suspended gig is activated again, it starts over from scratch as far as the search rankings are concerned.

I could be wrong, but this is how I’ve understood it.

If Vacation Mode was unlimited, I’m fairly certain we would see sellers abusing the intent of it as a temporary pause button.

I’m not entirely sure why you posted this a second time an hour later? I already offered some input on the first copy of this post. :wink:

Reply to @jonbaas: Maybe they want more than what you offered and from others besides you?

I too think vaca is dumb, and it should be an on off switch…

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From a buyers point of view it would just not make sense, it would be like walking down a high street and all of the shops are closed because the owners decided to have a very long vacation, suspending your services makes more sense if your not taking a short break

Reply to @kjblynx:

I agree. An amount of vacation days per months sounds reasonable, But certainly not unlimited vacation days as previously suggested. :slight_smile:

Reply to @michelltech:

Perhaps. But that’s not a valid reason or excuse to copy content from one thread, and start a new thread with the same exact OP.

At times when I have no vacation days, I edit my gig page to explain that I’m unavailable and ask prospective buyers not to order while the “unavailable” advisory is up. There are, of course, the occasional hammerheads who go ahead and order anyway, but by and large, it works pretty well.

Reply to @stop_it_man:

Yep, oftentimes, all it takes is to ask. :wink:

It does seem like vacation mode was also intended to be used when overbooked as this is an option in the dropdown menu when activating. This is what i use it for all the time, i get allot of big orders that take several weeks to complete. I work 112 hour per week so it would be really difficult to take more orders. This means when i’m out of vacation days the only option is to suspend gigs even if this has negative effects in search.

I still think a better solution would be an option separate from the vacation day feature, an option to set gigs automatically in an overbooked mode when the queue reaches a value defined by the seller.

Reply to @mgjohn78: I like that or the queued dollar amount.

Vacation time too little? Do what I do, and increase delivery time temporarily. Most buyers get turned off by higher than normal delivery time so on times when I need more time to spare I simply increase delivery time. This in turn, helps to cut down on orders but gives you more time to do current ones. Not exactly “ideal” but still gives you plenty of time to deliver orders already in queue and with that alone should help you to better utilize your time. With the delivery time being set high, and increasing the amount of days with extras, the time-frame can be stretched pretty far if buyers are still available to wait and if you simply aren’t available and they need it sooner, there is always that mutual cancellation button that no longer effects you.

It’s a nice thought to have a higher amount of vacation time, but I don’t see Fiverr implementing it.

Vacation mode does not protect your standing in the ratings.

I thought it would and took a 4 week vacation, travelling in USA. When I started working again, I picked up where I left off, many orders coming in and then all of a sudden, nothing. I found that my gig that had been in the top 5 high rating for over 1 year, that I had worked hard to maintain had dropped to 93rd. When I asked CS what was happening, they told me it was perhaps because other people had got better sales than me whilst I was on vacation, which is ridiculous, because I was on vacation and not taking orders. When I questioned the point of vacation mode, making it clear that it says on their blog, that ratings won’t be affected, they said there was nothing they could do and as a way of trying to help put my gig on the home page for a short while. Unfortunately they promoted the wrong gig and so my high rating gig, got no promotion.

I have had to work my butt off to get my gig back up the rating and fortunately I’m back in the top 5 again, but be warned, VACATION MODE DOES NOT PROTECT YOUR RATING!

Reply to @hironan:

Yes recent ratings and sales affect the position in search and categories but at least with vacation mode our gigs will return to fiverrs search engine. Suspended gigs are treated like brand new gigs, meaning it will take at least 24 hours before their even re added to the search.

However those of us who use vacation mode when we are overbooked will always have a fresh sale and possible a new rating when we end vacation mode.

Reply to @mgjohn78:

It clearly states in Fiverr’s own blog about vacation mode, that your rating will not be affected when you go in to vacation mode, but that is not true and I thought it would be good to make people aware.

Reply to @hironan:

Note that ratings and ranking are 2 separate things!

I never mentioned rankings, I’m talking about high rating!

Reply to @jonbaas: I actually have no idea what you mean about excuses and copying content? Maybe it’s a bug??

Reply to @freelancemm: That’s a good idea - I might start doing that! Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: I understand what you’re saying about sellers potentially ‘abusing’ vacation mode. But perhaps bear in mind that some sellers may have chronic illnesses for example, and simply need the freedom to take that time off.

And, who cares if sellers ‘abuse’ vacation time - nobody here is our boss, we don’t report to anyone but ourselves?!

Again, the more user friendly fiverr is, the better for everyone because everyone benefits, am I wrong?