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Condition Apply:

:heavy_check_mark: Do not use any short url.

:heavy_check_mark: If you want one more source of traffic please order more quantity or contact me by PM

:heavy_check_mark: Traffic service not for youtube url, soundcloud url, Fb fanpage url, twitter url or other fanpage url. Do not provide any HYP, PTC site url or spam url

:heavy_check_mark: Do not provide any redirect url

:heavy_check_mark: Do not provide any direct download url

:heavy_check_mark: Do not provide any direct registration form

:heavy_check_mark: Do not accept Adult or Drag site as search traffic, Direct source acceptable for adult site

:heavy_check_mark: Do not provide any slow loading site which take over 30 second for loading

:heavy_check_mark: I do not sell specific country base visitors rather from whole world

:heavy_check_mark: I can not ensure you visitor where they come from

:heavy_check_mark: Just provide me your real site url (Do not provide any shortener url)

Attention: Do not expect bulk traffic by this service, Because this service is not bot making non quality bulk traffic service

CAUTION: Please do not buy bulk bot traffic from any seller as cheap rate which could be negative impact to your site on many search engine.

** Only real site owner make order please**

By ordering this service you agree that and accept with this order delivery conditions + TOS

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