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Unlinked my payooner

hello every one!
i have a serious issue with my payonoer account i created my payooner account on my own name and my own date of birth without realizing that i will need an ID card for sure. But now after applying for verification for my payooner account it is always no getting approved as because my account is not register on my Father CNIC thats why .so after contacting the payoner support that told me that we can not chnage you account name to your father you will nedd to create another acount now i am going to creat another account but my old payooner account is still linked with my fiverr acount now i want to remove it and linke the other approved one please somebody help me


an important question for me, I also want to know that what is the solution from #fiverr. Actually, my friend also facing the same problem. please help my friend if you find any solution. just reply to me.

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ok bro
don’t worry and i the found any solution then you just contact me here