Unlocked level 2 (Happy)


Hi Fiverr,

Finally I got level 2. So much excited and blooming.

When I moved to Pak and change my location I was so much depressed because I couldn’t get single order for a week.It was seem to be impossible for me to achieve level 2.

Thank God I have done it.

Thanks Fiverr, Love you.


congratulations :confetti_ball::tada::fireworks:

Just to let you know, i am also from pakistan and i got my order within 1st week of joining Fiverr and its been 8 months now i never faced any issue of orders. I think hardwork, honesty and high quality deliveries can never stop anyone from success. Problems do arise in every situation but if you work with good intentions then good things will happen :sparkling_heart:


Yeah I believe that .My account was published in Germany and I didn’t change location when I came back here.Then I read a topic “Don’t lie about your location”, and changed location which obviously affected my sale. So I was depressed but know everything seems to be cool.


besides, location you also have to update your address with the fiverr i think that option is available some where in account settings etc. do update that as well. it creates a good impression to fiverr.



Thanks VOA. I was waiting for you post.


Congratulations! I’m really glad that you got through the hard times to see the success at the end. Wishing you much more success in the future :slight_smile:


Congratulations and best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


@mithrilThank you. @lloydsolutionsThank you too .


@anjylina. If your location and nationality differ, just say so in your profile. Lots of people do that and since their communications match their claims, buyers come back. Congrats on your level.


Congratulations, and good luck in the future!


I have said that in my profile .Thanks


Thank you for best wishes.