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Unluckily not receiving orders

I have made this gig but unfortunately i’m no getting orders. What’s the reason according to you?

Hello, I just took a look at your gig and it looks pretty good. There are many reasons as to getting no orders. Most of these reasons relate to not ranking as high. The Fiverr algorithm can be tricky to figure out and a lot goes into how posts are ranked. It can be extremely difficult to get first orders on a new gig. In fact, this can take months before a gig will get an order. Overall, I think you have a pretty decent gig it’s mainly just a waiting game. Just try to be patient. The Fiverr algorithm is going to prioritize gigs that have a lot of positive feedback over those with no reviews. After you start gettinga few orders you should notice even more orders starting to come in. Hope this helped!

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Thank you so much for you review. Appreciates!

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It’s no that you’re unlucky, it’s just that the platform is overcrowded. Try lowering your price so that you can compete.

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same problem with me also what can i do ? tell anyone plz