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Unnecessary censorship

I am disgusted that just mentioning a competitors name in general conversation is a violation of terms of service resulting in part of the conversation being censored and blocked. All I said was that “I usually use ***** and I’m giving Fiverr a try”. That is just general conversation.

Well, I have now tried Fiverr and your heavy-handed censorship as put me right off. I’m allowed to say Fiverr on the ****** site without censorship. I am not impressed at all. Are you that insecure?

Unduly censor me like that again and I will close my account as I consider you have violated my freedom of speech.


Then I guess we have seen the last of you. This happens all the time. And it is NOT a violation of terms of service. It would be a violation if you exchanged something like email addresses or sent your buyer a link to a profile on another site to circumvent communication through Fiverr or handle payment outside of Fiverr.
And yes, it’s annoying. Very annoying.


You’re preaching to the wrong choir here. This community mostly consist of sellers and a few buyers. If you want to be heard by the higher ups feel free to contact CS, but don’t expect much in return.


Confidentiality is not censorship.

If Fiverr allowed this people would use messages to defame buyers and sellers.

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This happened to me many times, but Fiverr is okay in this. its because,
Fiverr always popups on few words which are not allowed to write like other platforms or many other factors like phone numbers etc … but what happens, sometimes when i write something like that and send, if our sentence or communication was not against fiverrs terms, review team will review that message at once and will approve to send to your buyer.

One more, we are here to provide services so we should be to the point. we have to avoid unnecessary communication or to discuss things like that. so if we go to the point or do only conversation relevant to our buyer or business, then don’t worry it won’t effect your account even if you write those words.

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Nobody on the forum can do anything about it, and Fiverr staff doesn’t read the forum for things like this.


When he says competitors, he’s talking about Fiverr’s competitors, not his (or did I misunderstand what you meant?)

I have recommended another fellow voice over artist for a job I was too busy for, and I wrote her name with no issues.


Follow this simple RULE and everyone can stay safe. If you are on Fiverr Just think That FIVERR is everything and on internet Fiverr is the only website right now when you are visiting it.

Yes, you are correct. One of Fiverr’s competitors. All I said was.

" I will try to find a GPS expert as you suggest".

(Coder:- who wasnt able to complete the task)

“Unfortunately, I don’t have someone to recommend right now. You can try Fiverr Buyer Request feature”


“Actually I don’t usually. use Fiverr I just thought I would give it a try. I have always used ***** It will probably be easier to find a specialist there”

Which prompted this denial of service message :-

“Your message was blocked by our Trust and Safety team due to a Terms of Service violation. ***** won’t be able to see it”

Just seems a bit heavy-handed to me.

Thanks everyone. It was the first time I’ve ever been censored on any platform and it was a bit of a shock!

Lesson learned.

It’s automated, to prevent users from taking their business to another platform.


The initial flagging is automated but the check by the Trust & Safety team is manual and they should either allow or disallow the message after reading it.

For me it said “your message was blocked (or maybe flagged) due to a possible TOS violation” (because I’d used 2 words in a sentence that together looked like the name of a Fiverr competitor) and then about a minute later it said “your message has been approved” - so that bit would have been manual.