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Unpaid Voiceover Audition

Hi there! Voiceover seller here. I generally really like Fiverr and just became a top seller! However, recently something that has been super common is clients wanting free samples and auditions. It’s irritating, because there are so many examples of my work on my page. I sometimes decline, depending how busy I am with PAID projects. Are other voiceover sellers doing unpaid auditions or declining them?


I typically walk away from “Samples”. I have a gig video, demo, and a portfolio that all have representative work.

Once in a blue moon I’ll just get a feeling and decide to do one. But almost never.

It defeats the purpose of being on the platform and setting up a gig.

But I also know several people personally in VO that will give samples.

It’s really up to you and how you feel about it.


and congrats on the TRS :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I’m not a voiceover artist but I have an opinion on this.

You have proven yourself, and have several samples of your voice. I think you should have a prepared statement about that you can send telling them that. I dislike seeing sellers being taken advantage of and this is asking you for free work. They have everything they need to hear to make a decision about hiring you.

I have had to make a prepared statement that I do not give counseling to upset people who expect that of me. Sellers need to have firm boundaries and a good sense of their limits and realize when people are asking for unpaid, time wasting, jobs. It’s ok to say no.

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I am exactly the same as @mattvopro. I don’t do free samples or auditions on fiverr. I do however freely offer to send my demoreel to anyone who requests it. Very occasionally I decided to do one for a client because it is a big job and it feels appropriate, but that is rare and only something I decide to offer - it is normally not requested. I have many samples on my various gigs if someone wants to hear my voice style.

I do find it tends to be agencies or resellers that request it, as they want to send a range of samples to their clients to choose from, but the demo reel seems to keep them happy.