Unpleasable Buyer


what should i do?

The is my situation, i offer a buyer to make his price on a job to be done as my price was too high for him. he replied by saying he would pay $20. now at the start of the conversation on what he wanted to be done was a front/back cover and any all things necessary to be 100% for publishing he had scanned is sketch picture to put in his coloring book already so i cleaned it up and made his cover/back, i had stated that he submit all the necessary information to better help me to assist me in getting the job done and now the job his done he is saying that it is all wrong and he wanted more to put on it and he also want it to be done over. he bought 4 gigs accept 2 and said to cancel 2 now what should i do?


This is a really disturbing trend on Fiverr. There’s really no protection for the seller. I do a fair amount of business, and I think buyers are getting wise on how to cheat the sellers. IT works like this. Order a drawing. The seller does the work. The buyer gets the work, complains and demands another drawing – or gets the original drawing for free when the seller is forced to cancel under the threat of a bad/phoney review review. There certainly should be some monitoring where a neutral party says, “No, this seller did the work requested to good standards, the buyer is taking advantage.” Sellers deserve to get paid same as anyone else.