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Unprofessional seller cancel after wasting my time

Hi guys

I wanna know if the seller agreed 3 days and then on the 3rd day he cancel the order. Can i write a bad review on the seller. Or he can do this as often as he can and fiverr cant catch him because i check at cancellation there nothing option to report the seller

So any way to resolve this.

You can only leave a review (after the order is complete) if the seller retains payment. If you agree to a mutual cancellation, and your purchase price is returned to you, you will be unable to leave any kind of review.

Yes,the only way to resolve this is to follow the rules and read the TOS. It’s there with a reason

Be happy he cancelled in 3-days and not 3-weeks. You can’t write a bad review because you got your money back. Fiverr isn’t Yelp, and thank goodness for that.

I know it must be very frustrating but sometimes sellers need to cancel an order.

For instance there may be buyers who are being abusive or demanding and the seller has a right to decide they do not want to work for this mean person.

You can’t.

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so means fiverr can be abuse like this?

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That my point, so seller can waste other people time then cancel for refund its never about the money its about working habit

Reply to @fastcopywriter: So seller can abuse the system. Then future i would be more concern to use other alternative because once u paid you cant cancel.

Reply to @snappars:
If you are not happy with the way Fiverr works, you are welcome to take your business elsewhere. If a seller chooses to cancel an order, and you accept, then you have nothing to complain about. Take your refund, and find another seller who can complete your project. Complaining about the seller who gave you your money back is relatively pointless.