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Unprofessional Seller!

I just joined Fiverr yesterday. I am looking to get help on improving my blog and social media pages.

I messaged a seller BEFORE I purchased anything. I was hoping to hire this seller as a social media manager.

I received a reply saying that I bought all 4700 of my likes on Fiverr and I have zero engagement because all of my fans are fake and they will not help me. I found this really offensive, because I did NOT buy likes, I have built my page slowly for over 2 years! This seller was unprofessional in accusing me of not working on my page genuinely. If anyone knows FB fan pages, you know that FB wants fan pages to PAY for fans to see the posts. About 100 fans see each of my posts (more or less).

Does anyone else have experience with people thinking that all of your likes are fake? How do you prove otherwise? This seller really pissed me off today, because they are turning down legitimate jobs and accusing potential customers of having fake fans.

Well, firstly people must be careful when purchasing any sort of service like this.

Me personally don’t touch these sketchy gigs/services on fiverr and also on the web.

However I would purchase a gig for advice on social media (I do it my self, but I’m saying for those with out this exp.)

I would just avoid these people. That’s the easy way.

Now your feeling a bit down?

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Reply to @thecreativeguys: You misread the post. They are trying to buy a gig for advice on social media.

@amaramahmood: Why bother getting pissed off at a seller you obviously are now not going to use. Just find someone else. Their are many other sellers to choose from. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees: I know that. My message was referring to him getting mad because of this guy telling him all his people were fake! Yes. My comment is so revelent!