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Unprofessional Sellers and Harrassment

Is it normal for a seller to harass you through messages because you gave a thumbs down. I honestly did not like the work and he didn’t fulfill the gig. He swears that he would’ve simply fixed it, but in the same sentence said he doesn’t live by his computer so he didn’t have a chance too even though I paid extra for same day. Awful exprience make me not want to use fiverr, especially when the buyer wants to make you feel like crap because you have an opinion and was not satisfied with the quality of work.

Not everyone works full-time on Fiverr. Most of us have other jobs, and other obligations. I just had a buyer slip an express job in on me late yesterday afternoon, causing me to have to cancel my plans to finish it. If I hadn’t checked my computer for an email I was expecting, I would not have even known, then they would have given me a thumbs-down for not doing it on time. We do have real lives and other obligations. Try to understand you are dealing with real people, not machines.

gettightfitness said: said he doesn't live by his computer so he didn't have a chance too even though I paid extra for same day.

This is no excuse. Sellers have an obligation if they intend on offering express status for gigs. Yes, we're human, but that should not affect the quality of work ESPECIALLY when the seller set it up this way.

As a buyer, I give quite a bit of leeway to sellers. If the gig was not fulfilled/rushed etc, it is different from a final product that you just didn't like.

I would give the seller a chance to make things right but STRESS that reasons should be acknowledgements, NOT excuses.

dsaldridge said: I just had a buyer slip an express job in on me late yesterday afternoon, causing me to have to cancel my plans to finish it.

Before I say this, let me say I completely understand you, and I'm completely on your side.

However, you may want to rethink your express time. I don't have 24-hour express on any of my gigs. Why? Because I sleep, eat, shower, etc. (easily 8-12 hours gone) many of my orders come in when I'm sleeping, and if 24-hour express was a thing I'd be left with hours to completely something. No way am I rushing myself or canceling my plans. If I had 24-hour express I'd never sleep or leave my desk.

Keep in mind, it's not the buyers fault you had to cancel your plans to finish the order, they purchased the express extra with the time you choose for it. ;)

As a seller, one of the most frustrating things to deal with is negative feedback without any sort of message beforehand. Whenever a person expresses dissatisfaction, I go out of my way to fix it immediately. However, sometimes people leave a review right after delivery, even when I make it clear that I go out of my way to ensure satisfaction. I am only using myself as an example because many other sellers feel the same way. You don’t like it? Fine! We will fix it! I am sure the seller you bought from would have fixed the problem if you had mentioned the problems you had BEFORE rating the gig. Ratings have a huge impact on a seller’s account, and sellers do anything to avoid them.

I’m going to send the above viral. I will post it everywhere I can if fiverr does not remove him.

Reply to @fiveroutlaw: Why does Fiverr have to remove the seller? He didn’t do anything worth removing him.

alliemadison12 you said everything I feel. I find it despicable for any buyer to leave a negative review without giving the seller a chance. leaving a bad review can hurt and even destroy a sellers gig. There is a lot of rage, anger and hate in this world. Why contribute by causing pain to another person. There is blackness in the hearts of people who do that shit.

Reply to @edtrax: yes, and to top it off, after the money was refunded, flag you for spamming to disable your business, evil in that lots of rage, anger and hate in the heart of the individual. This was harassment from unprofessional buyer!

Its very say to be having to look this up and running into others who have experiences BAD AND UNPROFESSIONAL BUYERS on FIVERR. I had a lady straight up LIE on her comments. Then her and this other guy complained to fiverr directly, then fiverr slapped my hand for being unprofessional to these people when telling them to get lost. I understand I used some words I should have not but man, after being the lowest SPOKESPERSON video not sleeping sometimes. I’ve talk to the staff at fiverr, they are nice people and i’m sure they can see my inbox messages if they needed to. (LOVE YOU GUYS)

Some lines have to be drawn here especially because of the amount of non-union work that is being done from the creative artists. but I understand the position I put the fiverr staff in.

Had to vent.


P.S. A good business friend of mine told me, if I am mad at an unprofessional buyer, don’t act unprofessional ON fiverr, listen to what I’m about to say… JUST don’t take it out on them on FIVERR… don’t get fiverr in between it. Always SMILE on fiverr and bend over for them while you are on this site because their is a BIG social world out there…