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Unprofessional sellers on fiverr beware

See reddit post for more information:
*********** don’t do business with this guy.

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You bought a fake job reference and think that the seller’s unprofessional?



Its no different then if I had hired this individual to do my tax return. A service is a service and what the seller did in response to it was still unprofessional. Say I hired you to add a logo to my video and for some reason you don’t deliver and out of spite sabotage my brand in some way.

If you can’t see the difference then words fail me.


If you’re planning to provide fake data on your tax return then yes it would be the same :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes that is exactly what he would’ve done after the fact. Somebody gets it!

But not in a good way…:woman_facepalming:


“I hired someone to do something dishonest and they turned out to be untrustworthy.”



Whether good or bad is irrelevant at this point. Granted there’s a lesson learned from me with this experience but its going to make selling services for people like you that much difficult.

Strange you left a 4 star review though…

No - I’m honest and don’t offer gigs which are illegal/immoral


Or you can hire someone to do something honest and they turn out dishonest.

Right - that was before this occurred. They claimed Fiverr had some strange rules pertaining to how long a service can be open. Most of those reviews appear to be “good” but that was before said service was delivered

Agreeing to give a stranger a positive reference is not exactly honest now is it?
Nor is soliciting it.
Sounds like it was a perfect match


Illegal/immoral is irrelevant because no one is 100% honest with anything. This is still going to make it more difficult for authentic sellers because it gives the community a bad name

I didn’t ‘‘agree’’ to give them a positive response. The seller appeared to be doing what they said but they closed out the order saying it was due to fiverr rules.

Because some buyers are willing to pay for illegal/immoral services.

That would give some buyers a bad name, just as much as sellers.

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Depends on your definition of illegal/immoral. Just because something is illegal/immoral by your standards doesn’t make it that to someone else. That service isn’t uncommon on here either - other sellers may offer resume writing services in addition to Job references. It may look illegal to you but for someone who may need it, it could be lifesaver. Going forward, no matter how much people badger this post I can assure you that it will make it difficult for sellers.

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How? Are you going to run to the world media and complain?

Come on. A buying a fake reference is one thing. Setting your reputation on fire in front of the world is quite another.


This didn’t set my reputation ablaze. I intercepted it before he called them back.

You’re getting caught up in the “Good vs Bad” logic again, the same thing could’ve happened with something “morally” good.

Running to the media and complain? Nope, its not worth it. But I did come on here which is good enough

Form your username, I’m guessing your real name isn’t ‘Bob Smith’.

You really want this here for the whole world to see?

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