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Unprofessional sellers


Some of these sellers on Fiverr are so unprofessional. They say they are going to complete a job and then they don’t follow through. Some of them cancel at the last minute. And these people get good ratings. When I have posted bad ratings, my comments don’t show up. If they were not going to except the job, they should say so in the first place. One seller waited until the 10th day (the day the order was due) to cancel. Two of the the sellers have come through but most of them have cancelled. Has anyone else’s Fiverr experience been with encountering repeated unprofessional sellers?


I am developer myself but i assigned the task twice i was really busy but after like a week they said they can’t.


Yes. I felt one experience with a seller I Asked him 40 times of quality and he took order from me and then saying i dont do quality and cancelled wasted my time even i am a seller and i cares about my buyers thanks!


You all are mentioned one seller you had a problem with. While I’m sorry
you had to experience problems with those sellers. 'm talking about having
a problem with multiple sellers.


That was the question you asked, and it has been answered by the posters above.


No I havent been troubled by more than one seller as I am basically not a buyer but I have did a small purchases so I a have been lucky so far not experienced those situations :slight_smile:


I apologize but I meant has anyone had a problem with a series of
unprofessional sellers?


Not a problem - thank you! :slight_smile:


I’m glad this hasn’t happened to you!


I am going to try this again and again until my website is completed. There has to be some more great web content sellers out there.


Hi, I’m just wondering how many “unprofessional sellers” have you worked with before writing this post?
If It’s more than 2 then probably you are doing something wrong while selecting them.


Mee too And I thing fiverr community will try to introduce something which can decrease this type of experience