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"Unprofessional" Warning?


I logged into Fiverr this morning to be greeted by a huge red banner on the screen, warning me that Customer Service had been notified of “unprofessional activity” and that my level 2 badge has been revoked!

I have a feeling this is likely due to one of the few difficult buyers who popped up a couple weeks ago, but I was most certainly not unprofessional! I offered each one a cancellation telling them I could not fulfill their order. Customer service skills are a top priority for me, is there any way Fiverr can show me what exactly I did, or are they just catering to buyers (as always)?



There are a lot of reasons that may have caused this…

  1. You said some words you shouldn’t have said causing Fiverr’s system to think you did something wrong.
  2. You just had too many cancellations lately.
  3. A buyer has reported you…

I’ve been in that situation too… I almost thought I wouldn’t get to level up and I should just leave Fiverr… haha. But I contacted Customer Support and explained (in a really friendly tone) and they helped me out and I just had to do stuff their way… To be a good seller and in time I will regain blah blah blah… (I had no choice, really…) But it worked out in the end. :slight_smile:

I noticed you have a good amount of reviews…I’m sure you can talk to Customer Support, my experience with them has all been positive… I hope it will work out for you as well… :slight_smile:


That stinks, wishing you best of luck getting this resolved.


Thank you for your valuable post. This will help to most of them to avoid from this in future.
i didn’t aware of this type of issue previously. Thank you so much for your sharing :slight_smile:


HELLO a new to fiver just wanted to say hello to everyone .i am in the middle of re starting my online radio station back up and running and looking for banner work and logo work but i never receive any responses back when i post for gig well i will keep trying and i am glad to see a bunch of talented people on one site makes things easy for me well take care .


Reply to @theratypist:

thanks for the response, I hope to re-earn it as I enjoy being on Fiverr. I’m betting it’s the third (or maybe the second, as I did I have to cancel many orders in a rush due to a personal problem recently).

I know for sure it’s not the first, though, as I always try to be super polite with everyone :slight_smile: Emailed CS already.