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Unpublished gig out of the blue!

Hello there!

I hope you are all doing fine.

So I had a particular gig on my profile related to python Django programming. It remained active for nearly month or two, and then I was lucky enough to get my first order.

I got the 1st order, completed it, and 2 days later, I received message that my gig was unpublished and denied citing the following remarks:

HW and academic gigs - Taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or engaging in acts of plagiarism/unauthorised copying is a violation of most, if not all, schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

the thing is that my gig had no such wording or images stating it was meant to or could be used to help cheat students. The order that I fullfillied on this gag was related to business website, and it had no student/assignment issue with it.

I should also mention that nearly 1 month ago, I did recieve a message where a client asked me to help with their homework. and because back then I had no idea about this HW policy, I agreed that I could help them. However, it did not come through, that client never got back to me and no order/offer was placed in connection with that client.

But I suspect, could that be the reason I got my gig denied 1 month later? and because I never sent an official offer or no order was placed related to it, Can I please have my gig back in active status? If so, please guide how to get it back again ? Also I have deleted that thread where I was chatting with that client who wanted HW done. again, I did not know that it was banned, and I will refrain from such offers in the future.

Thanks for your time, and help in advance.

Ali Farhad

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Once your gig is gone it is gone. It is best not to have the word academic or even essay in your gig description.

It is best to read TOS at the bottom of the Fiverr site page to avoid these issues.

You can make another gig for

And be very careful not to use the word, “academic.”