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Unrated or Reviewed orders could be set to 5 star?

Some buyers for whatever reason don’t bother to review or click five stars for their order, even though the order completes…it would be good after a certain amount of time after the order finishes to just mark the order 5 stars anyway…might help somewhat…possibly?

I find that many buyers don’t leave a review because they aren’t 100% satisfied with the results, but are also not so invested that they feel they need to leave a less than perfect review. I don’t think it would be honest or fair to mark orders that a buyer has chosen not to rate as five stars.

But if the payment has long since cleared that should constitute some kind of acceptance for the service you’ve provided otherwise they would have cancelled or felt the need to leave a bad review…I just think something should and could be done with unrated orders.

By the way, they must be invested if they are paying you. It can seem a bit silly to order something and not be happy with it and then just let the order clear, unless they are too polite to not cancel perhaps?

The only buyers of mine who have not left reviews were buyers who purchased a bulk amount of gigs at one time.

They actually informed me, “Hey Steven, I’m running out of things to say about you haha.”

Of course I want the reviews, but I let them go anyways.

In my opinion, there are just some buyers who are less than communicative. Another example, I had one buyer who did not reply to a message or question in the order information. Yet, when I delivered, they left a 5 star rating with a simple statement.

I agree that if they’ve been firmly communicative and didn’t receive what they expected but feel you did your best, they choose not to leave a review at all.

I don’t think that an automatic 5 stars should be left though. I feel this would encourage people to purchase their own gigs because of the anonymity.

Yeah, you’re right, just wanted to see what others thought of my rubbish idea lol… :)) :))

There’s also those buyers who don’t want to review as they want to remain anonymous/have the order as confidential - I’ve had a few of those. Most others are by repeat buyers, and while it’s nice to be reviewed after each order, I don’t expect it for every order from the same person.

I think some people genuinely forget or don’t know how to, or I guess some only buy one gig and don’t use Fiverr again for whatever reason. I’ll admit I don’t review things myself such as eBay or Etsy items, simply because I don’t keep the URL with the product on and don’t use the sites often enough to log in and review my purchase!

@waynezart I agree with your first post. That would be great!


@waynezart…I agree to you…I experienced situations where buyer saying me that I am highly satisfied with your work…I will buy again and also want to give a tip ect…but after a meanwhile they just disappear and order marked as completed automatically…I don’t know what was the issue…May be they had some real problem (may be sick or out of station).But all I know is I missed a good feedback…I feel it will be good idea but may be with some criteria…

Reply to @emasonwrites: agreed

Reply to @waynezart: Do you cancel every order where a buyer isn’t 100% satisfied with what you delivered?

Just because the order auto-completes and the money clears doesn’t mean that the buyer is happy with it, though. Would you be pleased if you ordered something on Amazon, were kind of ambivalent to it, but months later logged on to find that because you didn’t leave a review, Amazon had left a five-star one for you?

Especially on this platform, buyers would probably assume that the seller had somehow done it and would be pissed, since they didn’t actually leave it and might not feel that the rating is deserved. Plus, it just wouldn’t reflect how the market as a whole views that gig. It would be artificial and dishonest.

Reply to @lunabea: Agree with you…

Reply to @waynezart: Let’s say hire a guy to design a t-shirt, then I ask for a revision. I’m still not satisfied, but I’m happy he tried. Since I can’t give him 5-stars, I’ll do the next best thing and not review his order.

I save 5-stars reviews for 5-stars work.